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 I am a breaker of generational chains, a wellness warrior, and a light worker. I have suffered from stage fright most of my life(even though I love to sing), and I feel that it has cost me opportunities to grab the mike. I have also been afraid most of my life to let my light shine bright because of fear that someone might try to dim or take my light. I want to continue to break through my walls and my glass ceiling to be the best me and help people too. 

What matters to me in my professional life is helping people, without burning out. To serve without sacrifice. I am passionate about wellness/health/homeostasis. 

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I started my journey in healthcare over 2 decades ago, and in that time, I’ve witnessed patients slowly killing themselves with bad habits, junk food, and a couch-potato lifestyle. The most alarming part was that it wasn’t only the patients that were going down this self-destructive path, but my co-workers, my family, and even myself. After having my third child I found myself feeling tired all the time, feeling like genuine garbage, and hating the way I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t stand by and watch my patients, my coworkers, my loved ones, and myself continue to cripple ourselves with our lifestyles. I decided to take back my life, to save myself from myself, to become a better me. I lost 60 pounds in one year and was feeling and looking great too. I found myself often being asked what my secret was, how did I lose all that weight and how come I’m so happy and positive all the time. I found that my story inspired others to make a change and take back their health and their lives. Motivating me to become a Coach and fulfilling my life purpose of empowering others to take their back lives, to live to their fullest potential, and look and feel good doing it.


Theresa Ball is a registered nurse with over 2 decades of experience in healthcare. She is an author, and a life-long learner of medicine, nutrition, fitness, and wellness. She is a passionate storyteller, who believes in the healing power of telling your story. She is a survivor of child abuse and a thrive of toxic relationships. She has overcome poverty, obesity, and oppression, and she has expanded from a fixed mindset to an open mindset. She is a breaker of generational chains and an advocate for self-love.

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